ERP Armor™ as a Service Press Release

ERP Armor™ as a Service Press Release

in Press Releases by Jeff Hare

Greeley, Colorado, April 2, 2020 – ERP Risk Advisors, a practical thought leader for managing ERP Risk, providing content and consulting services related to compliance, security, risk management, and controls, today introduces ERP ArmorTM   as a Service – an approach to managed services using ERP Armor.

ERP Risk Assessment as a Service

We deliver a monthly, quarterly, or annual ERP Risk Assessment as a Service. We provide the assessment software with ERP Armor in a Risk Report, segmented into Critical, High, Medium, and Low risks.

Patch Impact Analysis

We evaluate new patches to your ERP System and provide analysis and advice on evolving your role design and controls. We also document updates to your roles that are necessary based on changes resulting from the patch.

Role Design as a Service

We provide an ongoing analysis of your role design using ERP Armor and industry leading software. Our proprietary risk architecture can guide you to redesign your roles and user provisioning process to reduce security risk and prepare for compliance audits.

Support for your IT and Internal Audit teams

We will provide complete visibility to risk for your Security teams. We will also provide the necessary data for your Compliance team to support for your internal and external audits.

From initial engagement, to solution design and project completion, our team of experts works closely with customers to develop a customized ERP Risk strategy. Download the data sheet for ERP Armor as a Service. Please check out the ERP Armor page and Risk Revolution Blog for more details. For questions, please contact us at

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