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Get Protected! Fortify the core of your ERP Systems

At ERP Risk Advisors, our commitment to cybersecurity extends beyond the traditional perimeter; we fortify the very core of your operations—your SaaS systems. With years of expertise in role design, sensitive access risk management, SoD conflict remediation, and control monitoring, our team at ERP Risk Advisors has refined its capabilities to minimize cybersecurity risks in SaaS environments.

Our specialized approach not only identifies, but strategically manages and mitigates cyber threats, ensuring your systems are secure inside and out. We recognize that focusing solely on perimeter defenses can leave critical vulnerabilities unaddressed. To close this gap, we proudly introduce ERP Armor: Cyber Security — a solution designed to fortify your system's core, enhancing your defenses with sophisticated configurations and security measures for complete protection.



A traditional cyber security focuses on administrative access and perimeter security primarily focused on malware / ransomware and data theft. We focus on risks in SaaS applications that are not covered by the ‘hosting’ provider (Oracle, Workday, Salesforce, etc.). Our cyber solutions do not focus on malware / ransomware, but cover risks related to fraud, data security, compliance, and operations not covered by traditional cyber security providers?

Yes… see our blog on SEC’s Impact of Cyber Security Risks. While what is ‘material’ to an investor isn’t defined, management needs to take a conservative approach to their disclosure requirements to avoid legal risk and lawsuits.


Not currently, but this is something we are considering.

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