ERP Armor: Licensing

Licensing is the first step in finding strategic savings for our clients

 At ERP Risk Advisors, we prioritize a thorough evaluation of licensing needs to ensure you're only paying for what you need. We understand the nuances of licensing like no one else because our expertise is designing and building custom roles. By extracting detailed reports to assess your actual licensing usage, we can pinpoint the most strategic opportunities to reduce costs.  

We equip you with the knowledge to confidently challenge unnecessary licensing fees. Our goal is to empower you with the insights needed to make informed decisions over licensing usage and enhance your bottom line. Often leading to significant savings in the optimization of view-only roles which often get charged as transactional licensing.    



Yes, ERP Armor often identifies and manages license exposure, which can lead to substantial savings in license costs with your ERP provider. For details on what we can offer for your specific ERP system, please refer to our datasheets.

  • If you’re already utilizing software like FastPath, ERP Armor: Rules can enhance your program. It’s a subscription service that integrates with any IGA/PAM/Access Control software with an SoD/SA scanning engine. We provide release notes for internal rules maintenance or, if preferred, we offer managed services for stable, ongoing updates and management by our US-based, highly skilled, and credentialed team.

Over time we can help you mature your application security program by evaluating your role design and implementing or maturing these processes:

  • Role Design
  • Provisioning
  • User Access Reviews / Re-Certifications
  • Role Change Management
  • Patch Change Management
  • Development Change Management
  • Cyber Incident Risk Analysis
  • Testing the Independence of Controls Performers
  • Lookback Procedures

Should you require access control software, we’re here to help you select the right partner(s) when the time is right for your organization. Such software is crucial to advance to the Run phase and address fraud, compliance, cyber, and data security risks effectively.

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