Do I have a risk problem?

We provide the most complete ERP Risk Assessment in the industry to help you answer this question and deliver a solution through ERP Armor.

The ERP Risk Assessment phase analyzes your ERP system through role design analysis and scanning using Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access rules. The Risk Report ranks the risk into Critical, High, Medium, and Low risk categories. ERP Armor: Rules provides the industry’s most advanced ruleset for scanning Segregation of Duties conflicts and Sensitive Access risks and works with leading industry Assessment and GRC Software solutions.

Now that I understand my risk, what do I do about it?

We have designed standardized ERP Armor: Roles that allow us to efficiently  deliver a customized role design that will meet your organization’s objectives. We believe our role design will meet the requirements for 80% of your needs. We have built standard roles using Role Design Studio and modify the roles after meeting with process owners to finalize the role design.

Experience Matters.

Our team averages 20+ years of experience listening to customers and designing systems to manage risk. The design process can be done onsite or remotely. Our design process uses a trusted, proven methodology used with more than 100 customers over our 20 year history as a risk advisory firm.

Flexibility to work with customer or SI resources. 
Build and Test

The ERP Armor: Roles are loaded into Role Design Studio and then into your development environment with an automated process, saving time and effort. We work with your team to develop test scripts to ensure comprehensive testing. The end result is fully customized roles that will not be impacted by upgrades to the ERP system.

Control Design

As we work through the role design process, we finalize the solution through control design for comprehensive reporting and insight into possible compliance and security issues. This includes enabling audit policies and identify tables for transactions in the ERP system using out of the box reporting and advanced reporting provided by GRC Software.

A commitment to providing continuous protection, evolving both role and control design. 
Quarterly Updates

We update ERP Armor quarterly, giving you the latest additions to our Rules, Roles, and Controls libraries. We recommend monthly assessments during the design process and quarterly once the role design process is complete.

ERP Armor as a Service

We provide managed services, resources, and expertise to complement your team.

We are ERP Risk Advisors, providing practical thought leadership in managing ERP risk.

Hosts the LinkedIn groups Oracle GRC, Oracle ERP Auditors, Oracle ERP Cloud GRC and Oracle GRC Software.

Presents industry-leading books, articles, and white papers on internal controls and security best practices.

Provides the industry’s only training on best practices related to internal controls and security issues.

Have worked with over 100 companies delivering best practice risk management.

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