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Serving our customers to identify, manage and mitigate risk with ERP Armor!


Our Roles are pre-built, fully customized, tested, and ready to be deployed in your environment.

ERP Armor: Roles significantly lowers the cost and time of implementation and remediation compared to how risk advisory firms approach the similar scope.

Our roles reduce risks related to compliance, cyber security, fraud, data security, and operations.


Our Rules include comprehensive Segregation of Duties conflicts and Sensitive Access rules which can help you identify, manage, and mitigate risks related to fraud, compliance, cyber security, data security, and operations.

Our risk content is updated regularly following the patches implemented by ERP Software providers which is particularly important for SaaS applications where updates are made regularly.

Cyber Security

Securing the perimeter is not enough.

SaaS-based internet facing applications calls for the unique identification, management, and mitigation of risks.

Traditional cyber security firms do not have the expertise to address these risks, but ERP Risk Advisors does!

Managed Services

We identify what is relevant to your ICFR audit by working with your stakeholders and identifying the IT Dependent controls from your Risk and Control matrix.

This will help to out-box your auditors from over-scoping the SoD conflicts and Sensitive Access risks needing to be addressed, along with your auditors’ questions.


ERP Armor: Learning offers learning content that cannot be found anywhere else.

The learning curriculum helps auditors and administrators identify, manage, and mitigate risks in commonly used ERP systems.

We also cover foundational concepts such as ITGCs, ITACs, and risks related to AI. Learn More with ERP Armor: Learning Now!


For some ERP Systems, we can help alleviate licensing risks by evaluating your current usage and helping you remediate your users and roles to reduce or eliminate your overage risks.

Don’t let license overages keep you awake at night! Seeded roles provided by ERP Software providers resemble a ticking time bomb. Your overuse of their applications becomes a ripe target for salespeople when they need to hit their quota.


Previously known as ERP Armor as a Service.

In lieu of licensing software, we can deliver data related to SOD conflicts and Sensitive Access risks on a periodic basis.

This service comes with updates via ERP Armor: Rules and addresses risks related to compliance, cyber security, fraud, data security, and operations.

Proudly Serving Customers Across 25+
ERP Systems

Application Access

Controls Maturity Cycle –

Crawl – Walk – Run!

ERP Risk Advisors matures your security program by addressing risks within compliance, cyber, fraud, data security, and operations. This is done by helping organizations move from Crawling, to Walking and eventually Running!


Crawling starts with the proper design of roles and development of mature joiners, movers, and leavers processes.

ERP Risk Advisors partners with you to help design roles during an implementation (or re-design post-go-live).

This allows stacked role combinations to be identified per person based on their job/position. This level of maturity at implementation is extremely rare.


deally, when helping our client’s start to walk on their own, roles are mapped to jobs/positions and provisioning becomes standardized and automated. Then begins the process of preparing for your audit by analyzing your Risk and Controls Matrix to identify what Sensitive Access Risks and Segregation of Duties conflicts need to be considered.

We take into consideration and make sure the Controls Performers are independent in the performance of the manual controls. Often this results in additional Risks being added to your risk library and controls are implemented. We also work with your CISO and security team to address Cyber risks not likely to be addressed by your current Cyber security consulting partner.


Customers and Clients start to run when management becomes proactive at managing risk in these processes:

  • User Access Reviews / Re-Certifications
  • Role Change Management
  • Patch Change Management
  • Development Change Management
  • Cyber Incident Risk Analysis
  • Testing the Independence of Controls Performers
  • Lookback Procedures


Experts Standing
by to
Help You 

ERP Armor allows you to have leading experts available for questions and guidance without having to go through lengthy budgeting, SOW, and costly consulting fees.

Cost of Ownership

ERP Armor can help you dramatically reduce the cost of compliance by providing visibility to critical risk, targeting the remediation, and providing sustainability with educating your internal resources for future maintenance.

Control Risks

ERP Armor helps you identify key risks through our regularly updated segregation of duties (SOD) conflict and sensitive access (SA) rules. We help you accelerate building or deploying least privilege roles. And we also help train internal resources to identify, manage, and mitigate risk.

Keeps you Current
Without a Need for
Another Consulting SOW!

ERP Armor: Rules provides regular updates on Sensitive Access risks and Segregation of Duties Conflicts, feedback on role design, and basic audit support for one low annual subscription. There is no need for additional consulting SOW to stay current with these risks.

Support Providing C-Suite
with Confidence at a
Fraction of Big 4 Costs

Our team of dedicated experts will support your staff regardless of transition or turnover. Our U.S. based and highly trained resources will help keep your controls effective through quarterly meetings, 24/7 support, and purpose-built training. Our subscription is a fraction of the cost of paying audit firms to do the same work. We will be the glue that keeps your security program stabilized.

Works with Any GRC
Software and Any ERP

ERP Armor: Rules works with any Access Control / GRC / PAM software provider that has SoD/SA software. We can help you identify, manage, and mitigate risk for any ERP System

Stay Clean

An essential element of getting clean and staying clean is high quality training. We provide a variety of risk-based, ERP specific training for your administrators and auditors. In addition, we have a full array of ITGC and ITAC training for your auditors and ISACA/IIA/ACFE chapters.

& SA
Risks Covered 

We will help you keep your auditors from over-scoping SoD conflicts and Sensitive Access risks. We can help you address all risks related to compliance, cyber, fraud, data security, and operations.

ERP Systems
Security Objects
Hours of Training


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