A shield that protects your ERP System.

We deliver our thought leadership to secure your ERP system through consulting, content, and software technology.


Unrivaled Experts.

We excel in the design of security and controls for ERP systems.


Industry Experience.

Our team averages 20+ years of experience listening to customers and designing systems to manage risk.


Efficiently and effectively leveraging people, processes, and technology.

Software Implementation

Our intellectual property is delivered with pre-seeded content and through industry leading software.

Internal Controls

Implementing or enhancing policies to more effectively manage risk.


Validating the design and a commitment to continuous protection.


Updating content and retesting design.


Revisiting risk assessment and preparing for an efficient audit.

We are ERP Risk Advisors. We provide practical thought leadership in managing ERP risk.

Hosts the LinkedIn groups Oracle GRC, Oracle ERP Auditors, Oracle ERP Cloud GRC and Oracle GRC Software.

Presents industry-leading books, articles, and white papers on internal controls and security best practices.

Provides the industry’s only training on best practices related to internal controls and security issues.

Have worked with over 100 companies delivering best practice risk management.

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