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Become A Partner

ERP Risk Advisors is a risk content company whose objective is to Revolutionize four industries:
  • GRC / IGA / PAM Software Companies
  • System Integration / Implementation
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance / Auditing
Additionally, as a risk content company, our goal is to address the needs presented by the current digital revolution. We realized our approach to helping one client at a time was not going to reach our objectives. Therefore, our desire is to offer our risk content through an expansive partner network. This is where you or your company comes in

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    Software Partners

    ERPRA Partner
    Strongpoint is a Managed Bundle built directly in the NetSuite platform to help companies automate the toughest parts of change management, SoD, and access reviews.
    ERPRA Partner
    At Seecuring, we start with the reports and the issues, and quickly we move on to giving you insights into your access issues and the options for solving them. In combination with expertise and software analytics, we work with you to establish the impact of changes and move toward a secure environment together Our mission is to transform your Internal Controls in your Applications without the pain and expense of traditional methods.
    ERPRA Partner
    SafePaaS provides an adaptable and flexible platform to address ALL access governance and security needs both today and in the future. Easy adoption and flexible plans for immediate ROI.
    ERPRA Partner
    Rookery Software’s ConfigSnapshot enables organisations to execute and automate where appropriate, comprehensive configuration management and governance, covers risk and control for their Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud  Applications (SaaS) systems and to achieve this without complicated, time consuming and expensive implementation costs. Providing support for over 130 E-Business Suite modules and covering all versions from 11.0.3 to 12.2 as well as the Oracle Cloud Applications (currently ERP, SCM, HCM, CX and Core), our ConfigSnapshot product allows organisations to begin to document and compare their environments in as little as 15 minutes, providing immediate return on investment, and has the functionality and flexibility to enable organisations to evolve and implement the approach to configuration management that best matches their requirements.
    ERPRA Partner
    CAOSYS was formed in the early part of 1999 with the simple goal of helping businesses save time and money by providing Oracle products software that can streamline and secure their enterprise applications, making their users and therefore their business more efficient whilst ensuring assurance and accountability. With this in mind, our enterprise solutions have been designed so that almost any business that uses Oracle products, regardless of what type of business they are and what Oracle E-Business modules they use, then our Oracle solutions can bring huge and almost instant benefits.

    System Integrators / Audit Partners

    ERPRA Partner
    HALEY Consulting and Advisory Services is a leading provider of innovative solutions that ensure seamless SOX compliance backed by PCAOB standards. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they empower organizations to thrive in today's dynamic regulatory landscape.
    ERPRA Partner
    Project EIDOS is an IT Services company, passionate about delivering ERP and HCM quality, value-add products and services tailored to meet business needs, whilst addressing industry specific challenges.   Working across a diverse range of industries including public sector, large retail, financial and international organisations Project EIDOS is committed to achieving Excellence In Delivering Oracle Solutions!
    ERPRA Partner
    We are professionals who specialize in advisory, risk assurance, consulting and tax services. Our people are empowered to ask great questions and solve challenges through expertise, technology, innovative techniques & professional collaborations and thereby, help organizations manage risks and forward march with opportunities. We work with an intent of delivering positive drive, better value system and sustainable change in organizations. InQHive is committed to excellence in quality in all that we do, giving in our best to our clients and earning their trust with the right amount of attitude through our actions.
    ERPRA Partner
    Excelencia is a privately owned pioneering US-based ISO 27001-2013 Certified IT solutions provider with its physical presence in the USA, UK, Canada, India and serving its Customers across the globe. With over 15+ years of experience and a team of 500+ family of experienced professionals, Excelencia supports its Customers across the globe
    ERPRA Partner
    de Novo Solutions is a pioneering technology company reimagining the world of work by creating new digital experiences, insights and outcomes from digital journeys for customers and employees alike, delivering innovation and generating value through Oracle Software-as-a Service (SaaS) Cloud and ServiceNow applications.
    ERPRA Partner

    Apexguide is a boutique Oracle consultancy specializing in securing Oracle Cloud, including Fusion applications (ERP, HCM, SCM), PaaS, and OCI.

    We work with organizations who either use or are moving to use Oracle Cloud applications and supporting products. "Securing" can mean different things to different people, however at Apexguide, our philosophy is that "seeded" or "out of the box" security roles should never be used, and supporting identity and access processes (IAM), including the full "joiners, movers, leavers" lifecycle should be automated to the optimal extent. We have helped organizations secure their Oracle environments by using custom security roles, aligned to business processes and audit requirements, and automated IAM processes, including the use of products such as Okta, Azure, SailPoint, and CyberArk.

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    Better serve your customers and clients by offering risk solutions, ERP Armor, and gain access to new markets.

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    Get more deals across the finish line! Provide a more competitive offering in our bids to potential customers and clients, and win.


    Promote your brand and strengthen your product offerings while adding powerful value-add to your own products or solutions.

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    Generous opportunities are available to earn one-time and recurring revenue through reseller agreements or our flexible licensing agreements.


    On-demand training and a 24x7 help desk are provided to support your teams.

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