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Our approach goes beyond the mere application of technology. We focus on the partnership between your team’s expertise and our innovative practices to ensure each solution is specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of your business. ERP Risk Advisors truly adds value through its purposeful application and collaboration woven into the fabric of your business needs.

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Effective cyber security not only safeguards your business from external threats and malicious attacks, but also fosters confidence in your organizational goals. While the cyber security industry traditionally prioritizes securing the perimeter from external threats and the implementation of malicious code, other risks exist in modern SaaS ERP systems that are not being addressed.

With internet facing applications there is no perimeter. And through phishing attacks, threat actors can gain access to admin accounts and other privileged access.

Strengthening Access Controls

These threats leave organizations vulnerable to fraud, PII data theft, and operational risks.  Moreover, existing cyber security practices frequently fail to adequately evaluate the risks associated with application access controls.

This includes assessing which users and roles have access to execute API/web services, export sensitive data, import data, establish integrations, and manage crucial authentication, integration, and security configurations.

Comprehensive Defense Strategy

Enhancing cybersecurity involves a comprehensive approach which encompasses defending against external threats and also mitigating internal risks within your core ERP system’s production environment.

By strengthening internal cyber security measures, organizations can prevent fraud, fortify their defenses, safeguard sensitive information, and sustain confidence in their ability to achieve their objectives.

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The true power of your most important systems lies not just in their capabilities but in their meticulous design, workflow, and configuration. Consider the pivotal inquiries that may define your system’s integrity: Is the establishment and maintenance of vendors strictly gated to authorized personnel? How confident are you that your system integrator has firmly secured your system against inherent risks, especially those related to seeded roles, during implementation?

Are your controls for vendor master data structured to include necessary workflow approvals?

Journey to Becoming Secure

At ERP Risk Advisors, we delve deep into these questions, recognizing their profound implications. Our partnership with you digs deeper than a basic setup; we embark on a journey toward building a mature and secure security posture.

Partnering with ERP Risk Advisors means we take you from crawling, walking, and ultimately running toward achieving this mature security posture. Don’t hand over the keys to the digital kingdom until you know you’re protected.

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Organizations may struggle to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape, making compliance an important, yet error-prone process for management.

By leveraging ERP Armor offerings, there is opportunity to transform compliance from a reactive, box-checking exercise into a dynamic and proactive part of an organization’s operations.

It's in the DNA

ERP Armor aids organizations in ensuring they are in compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and others.

We go beyond mere compliance; we embed it into the DNA of your processes.

Compliance Harmony with ERP Armor

Moreover, our solutions harmonize your controls and policies with esteemed standards and frameworks like ISO 27001 and those developed by NIST. With ERP Armor, the possibility of violations recedes, liberating your team to pivot from administrative burdens to strategic ventures—streamlining operations and sharpening your competitive edge.

Experience the beauty of compliance transformed from a mandatory chore to a testament to your organization’s commitment to excellence.

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Data Security

Strong data security measures prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Slacking on these measures leads to financial loss, legal consequences, damage to reputation, and operational disruption.

With today’s modern SaaS internet facing applications, you are one phishing attack away from a data breach.

More than a Necessity

As regulatory compliance requirements become more stringent, and cyber threats more sophisticated, a robust data security posture in SaaS ERP and HCM systems is no longer optional but a vital component of business strategy and resilience.

In the realm of SaaS ERP and HCM systems, where the cornerstone of your company flows through complex digital channels, the importance of robust data security cannot be overstated.

A Strategic Advantage

Our expertise in security and controls is fine tuned to the needs of these powerful systems, ensuring your operations remain unaffected to vulnerabilities. Stay safe, stay ahead, and ensure the stability and integrity of your business.

Partnering with ERP Risk Advisors offers you not just a shield against the evolving threats but also a strategic advantage.

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