ERP Armor: Roles

An approach above the rest: role remediation and implementation delivering both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our methodology utilizes baseline, custom roles designed for rapid adaptation. This significantly reduces the need for extensive customization and not only accelerates the implementation process but also translates into direct cost savings for our clients. By optimizing pre-configured roles with the necessary adjustments, we avoid the costly process of starting from scratch for each client—ensuring you get to the finish line faster and more affordably.

ERP Armor Roles are pre-constructed and fully customized to enforce stringent segregation of duties. They're crafted with the foresight to minimize your company's exposure to a wide range of risks, including fraud, compliance, cybersecurity, data security, and operational vulnerabilities. These roles are not just about meeting audit requirements; they are a proactive defense strategy, designed to defend your business’ processes and secure your enterprise's digital and operational integrity.



Choosing fully customized roles over our-of-the-box seeded roles provides several strategic advantages:

  • Flexibility and Cost Efficiency: Customized roles can be tailored to include view-only access where appropriate, preventing the activation of unnecessary licensing fees.
  • Enhanced Security: With customized roles, we ensure rigorous segregation of duties and sensitive access, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and compliance breaches.
  • Update Management: Quarterly updates from the ERP provider can disrupt seeded roles. Customized roles, however, are designed to be update-resistant, allowing you the flexibility to test functionality and security thoroughly before any changes are applied, maintaining the integrity of your role design.

By opting for fully customized roles, your organization gains control, security, and stability – key elements for a healthy ERP system.

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