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ERP Armor: Licensing, Roles, Rules, and Learning

The heart of ERP Armor is the design of your ERP Risk solution that blends a proven ERP Risk Architecture and ERP Risk content (Licensing, Roles, Rules, and Learning) developed over 20 years, and a support model of quarterly and annual updates. This approach provides continuous protection for your ERP solution at both the application and database level.

From initial engagement to solution design, our team of experts works closely with you to develop an ERP Risk strategy.

You can learn more about ERP Armor: Licensing, Roles, Rules, and Learning by downloading the datasheets below:

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Initial Engagement

You will notice a difference in the way we work with you. We call it our client experience. We are not selling a product; we are partnering with our customers as an extension of your staff.

We help you protect your most important and sensitive system, ERP. You will learn that both technology and process are important in providing continuous protection. We will propose a design, build, and test phase to deliver the initial project followed by a support model consistent with your risk needs.

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Solution Design

The core of our intellectual property is our design methodology and experience. This is a set of rules and controls that is translated into seeded content for best in class software applications, including Compliance, Application Security, and Database Security solutions.

We will work with IT, Business Process Owners, and Internal Audit to understand and then deliver best practices for ERP risk. The design phase is led by a Practice Leader at ERP Risk Advisors with the experience and deep knowledge of the challenges you are facing.

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Build/Test Phase

Once the technologies are selected and the design phase is completed, a Senior Consultant will work with you on a project plan for the build and test phases of the project. Training is not an event but is integrated into the build and test phase as we turn more and more of the responsibility over to you, the customer, to deliver the solution.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every phase of the project.

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Support Model

Our support model is much more than break/fix for the content and software. We are available for support 24x7x365 via On top of our support agreements, we deliver quarterly and annual updates to the content and strategy to address new threats and challenges in the market. Our support model is to develop a plan to deliver updated content and managed services on a quarterly and annual basis. The approach includes time with a Practice Leader to update the risk assessment and strategy.

We can optionally bundle implementation and testing hours for a Senior Consultant to assist if needed.

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Customer References

At ERP Risk Advisors we have worked with over 100 great customers in every part of the world to deliver ERP Risk solutions. We have worked closely with them to make sure they have continuous protection.

Please see the bottom of the main page of our website for a few examples and the bottom of our services page for the names of a few of our customers. If you need more specifics, please email us at

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Partner Program

ERP Risk Advisors is committed to providing the best solutions for our customers and clients. Working with ERP Risk Advisors means you benefit from strategic alliances with some of the world’s best and leading services as well.

Our solutions are recommended, implemented, and used by our partners to offer clients the best possible solution in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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