New Audit Support as a Service for Oracle EBS

New Audit Support as a Service for Oracle EBS

in Oracle E-Business Suite by Jeff Hare

ERP Risk Advisors announces new Audit Support as a Service offerings for Oracle’s E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud applications

ERP Risk Advisors is pleased to announce two new Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings for Oracle’s ERP applications – E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud.

This “Audit Support as a Service” offering will provide internal and external auditors with much better and more comprehensive data needed to audit these two applications.

ERP Risk Advisors, CEO, Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CIA CISA states the problem:

“We are often brought in by organizations that have audit findings to help clients remediate their control deficiencies.  As we help clients with their remediation, we often find many other significant control design issues that should have been identified by the internal and external auditors.  Two things drive our findings.  First, there is a lack of maturity in understanding by internal and external auditors of these specific systems and risks specific to each system.  Second, auditors don’t have the right data to help analyze these risks and related controls”

ERP Risk Advisors has been focused on helping clients design and test controls for over 15 years.  The new Audit Support as a Service offerings will provide the following data for Oracle’s E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud applications:

  • Test access controls and role design by evaluating sensitive access risks and segregation of duties conflicts
  • Evaluate control design by:
    • reviewing the actual configurations verses expected configurations
    • considering ‘best practice’ configuration design as provided by ERP Risk Advisors
  • Test change control processes by having a population of IT and functional configurations throughout the most commonly used ‘in scope’ modules and the core applications
ERP Risk Advisors CEO, Jeff Hare, continues:
“There are significant gaps in the understanding of systems auditors are responsible for reviewing.  Each ERP system has its own characteristics that must be taken into account as part of the audit.  No longer can auditors audit ‘around’ the system.  Auditors need a better understanding of the system and need better data to perform an audit that is complete and accurate.  I would encourage you to take a look at this recent article I wrote on this topic called “Why the PCAOB and External Auditors Should be Concerned about Substantive Only Audits ” which can be found here.  This explains this need in more detail.  We look forward to helping internal and external auditors improve their effectiveness and efficiencies in auditing Oracle’s E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud applications through the use of this service”
More about this service and other services offered by ERP Risk Advisors can be found here.
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