ERP Armor™: Reports Press Release

ERP Armor™: Reports Press Release

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Greeley, Colorado, May 21, 2020 – Today, we are introducing ERP Armor: Reports. The heart of ERP Armor is the identification and management of risk in a customer’s ERP Solution. ERP Armor blends a proven ERP Risk Architecture with ERP Risk Content developed over 20 years. In 2019 we introduced ERP Armor as a set of rules, Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access, for assessing risk in an ERP system. We now refer to our products as ERP Armor: Rules, ERP Armor: Roles, and ERP Armor: Reports.  Although they are a family of products, Rules, Roles, and Reports are licensed separately.

ERP Armor: Reports is a set of reports and queries to allow IT Users, Internal Auditors, and External Auditors access to data and analysis needed to assess ERP Risk.  We have a large library of pre-built reports for both ERP Cloud and EBS and will provide you with new, updated reports based on your needs. See the ERP Armor Data Sheet for details on ERP Armor: Reports.

An End to End Solution

ERP Armor is an end to end solution. The ERP Armor: Rules are used in the initial assessment process to determine risk, categorized into Critical, High, Medium, and Low risk rankings. For most customers, it will be necessary to move into custom roles, and ERP Armor: Roles are the solution to do so. ERP Armor: Reports complements our Rules and Roles by giving deeper insight into analyzing risk. Our Rules, Roles, and Reports can be delivered as a project or as a managed service, called ERP Armor as a Service.

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