ERP Armor™ Press Release

ERP Armor™ Press Release

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Greeley, Colorado, April 5, 2019 – ERP Risk Advisors, a practical thought leader for managing ERP Risk, providing content and consulting services related to compliance, security, risk management, and controls, today introduces ERP ArmorTM , a tailored approach to solving customer’s complex compliance and security requirements.   

 ERP Armor

The heart of ERP Armor is the identification and management of risk in a customer’s ERP Solution. ERP Armor blends a proven ERP Risk Architecture with ERP Risk Content developed over 20 years. The solution works with industry leading software applications for Compliance and Security along with a support model of quarterly and annual updates. The approach provides continuous protection for the ERP Solution at both the application and database levels. The core of the intellectual property is ERP Risk Advisor’s design methodology and experience in the integrated design of security and controls.

ERP Risk Architecture

Each customer’s project leverages the proprietary risk architecture, addressing risk through manual controls, applications controls, general IT controls, application security, database security, and overall technical architecture.  As a proven risk architecture, it is considered one of the industry’s most advanced solutions for identifying risk and implementing controls for the ERP system.

ERP Risk Content

The architecture leverages pre-seeded content to address application access control risks which allows for a dramatically decreased time for implementation while also using best practices for reducing risk.  For example, for EBS there are nearly 1200 SoD Conflicts and Sensitive Access Risks covering over 6000 functions and concurrent programs. For ERP Cloud there are 110 rules covering over 1200 privileges.

Strategic Partners

ERP Armor is a solution, not software, and benefits customers by coupling both the architecture and 2 decades of expertise by ERP Risk Advisors, with best-in-class industry software solutions for each customer’s specific needs in the area of Compliance, Application Security, and Database Security. Below are quotes from a few of these software, consulting, and technology partners.

From initial engagement, to solution design and project completion, our team of experts works closely with customers to develop a customized ERP Risk strategy. More information can be found at Please check out the ERP Armor page and Risk Averse Blog for more details. For questions, please contact Kevin Hare at

Supporting Quotes from ERP Armor Partners:


Craig O’Neill, CTO at CaoSys said, “ERP Risk Advisors domain expertise is unequalled in the industry and we are proud to have been partnered with them for the past 12 years. As our primary content provider, they help make our software the best it can be to deliver a first-class solution for our customers.  The introduction of ERP Armor is the natural evolution of the content our customers have been benefiting from this past decade and we look forward to the next 12 years on this journey.”


“Partnering with ERP Risk Advisors and being included in their release of ERP Armor is a fantastic opportunity for Fastpath to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality audit solutions, using innovative technology and industry expertise,” stated Aidan Parisian, Director of Risk & Compliance Solutions at Fastpath.


Steve Kost, CTO and founder of Integrigy, an established leader in security solutions for both ERP applications and databases remarked, “We are a frequent partner of ERP Risk Advisors and consider its new solution set an effective line of attack for today’s complex and challenging security and compliance issues. Integrigy’s AppDefend and AppSentry are the perfect complement to ERP Armor by providing proactive and real-time security protection for the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database.”


“There is a great need and value for a holistic risk identification and management approach, offered by ERP Armor. MENTIS is delighted to partner with ERP Risk Advisors and provide the database and application security solution part of the ERP Armor risk architecture. With a comprehensive, integrated platform for sensitive data discovery, static and dynamic masking, monitoring and retirement, proven across most complex ERP implementations MENTIS provides the best in class security solution for ERP and surrounding applications” said Suresh Sundaram, Executive Director at MENTIS.


“We are excited about our partnership with ERP Risk Advisors and to be a part of their ERP Armor risk solution offering,” said Mike Miller, Product Architect at Onapsis. “When it comes to keeping ERP systems, such as the Oracle E-Business Suite, secure and compliant, most organizations are challenged to do so today. With our Onapsis Security Platform, we focus on blind spots at the application layer by continually monitoring for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and providing visibility and intelligence to prioritize remediation. Simply put, we help you stay secure and compliant.”

Oracle Applications Technology Consulting (OATC)

William Dunham, CEO of Oracle Applications & Technology Consulting (OATC) remarks: “Great to hear the exciting news from ERP Risk Advisors. We are excited to learn more about what ERP Armor™ has to offer and how it can benefit our customers!”


“Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. (SmartERP) is pleased to work with ERP Risk Advisors and to bring leading content for managing Security and Controls in Oracle Applications with ERP Armor,” stated Kirk Chan, Vice President, Business Development, SmartERP.


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