ERP Armor: Assessments Edition
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ERP Armor: Assessments Edition

You can think of ERP Armor: Assessments as a managed service rather than just a one-off presentation of SoD/SA results. ERP Risk Advisors delivers the stability you need as your partner for assessments. We offer high-value and often lower cost assessments through what we call ERP Armor: Assessments (formerly known as ‘As A Service’). We support annual, semi-annual, or quarterly assessments ‘as a Service’ without the need to own software. Our relationship goals with you and your organization are to mature your program over time through the Crawl –> Walk -> Run Phases.

Because we are currently the only provider of risk content, we have a broad range of partnerships and relationships within software companies who have SoD/SA scanning engines. We use ERP Armor: Assessments by leveraging these relationships with leading providers and easily shift demand from one to another as changes occur. Additionally, we provide the stability of services and data you need.

Currently, we are the only firm in the world we know of guarantying the provisioning of regular updates to the SoD Conflicts and Sensitive access rules for each assessment. We look and feel like a software company because we continue to enhance our ERP Armor: Rules through a release process. ERP Armor is our leading-edge risk content which is updated by our research team as each ERP software provider updates their applications through patches or releases.

The following datasheet paints a picture of the value in partnering with us for your access control assessments via ERP Armor: Assessments.

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