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Ian Rockell

International Sales Manager

Ian Rockell is an International Sales Manager with ERP Risk Advisors. He focuses on helping clients with solutions, especially from a financial side within the ERP Space. His background includes Business intelligence to AP Automation. His focus with ERP Risk Advisors is assisting clients in identifying, managing and mitigating risk in the Oracle Eco system; for Oracle E Business Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud, Ian provides a best-solutions-perspective while keeping risk mitigation top of mind.

Ian has worked with many clients in various industries over the years in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Ireland, and UAE.

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He currently lives in Staffordshire, UK with his girlfriend and six year-old son. In his spare time when he is not

running around with a box on his head playing robots, he enjoys football, Formula One racing, and playing squash.


Additionally, he enjoys travelling and visiting different countries having travelled over most of Europe and 10 US cities.

Ian is a big fan of technology and how it helps people with their everyday lives. With an increase in material weakness and with fraud an ever growing

problem, he is passionate about help clients minimize those risks.

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