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Audit Support as a Service for E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud

We provide data for internal and external auditors to help audit Oracle’s E-Business and ERP Cloud applications that provides the following:

  • Test access controls and role design by evaluating sensitive access risks and segregation of duties conflicts
  • Evaluate control design by:
    • reviewing the actual configurations verses expected configurations considering ‘best practice’ configuration design as provided by ERP Risk Advisors
    • Test change control processes by having a population of IT and functional configurations throughout the most commonly used ‘in scope’ modules and the core applications

Details can be found here.

Oracle E-Business Suite GRC Health Check

This Level I Assessment covers a broad array of best practices noted in the book Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Foundational Principles written by
Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA.  Details can be found here.

Oracle ERP Cloud GRC Health Check

This Level 1 Assessment covers a broad array of best practices.  Detail about this service can be found here.

GRC Software Acquisition and Implementation Services for Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and PeopleSoft

  • Risk Management Cloud for ERP Cloud – including Financial Reporting Compliance (FRC), Advanced Access Controls (AAC), and Advanced
    Financial Controls (AFC) – strategic partnership for Oracle’s ERP Cloud software
  • CaoSys – CS*Comply, CS*Audit, CS*Provisum (AAP), CS*Provisum (PAR), CS*License, CS*Lookback, CS*Rapid, CS*Impact – strategic
    partnership for Oracle’s E-Business Suite software
  • Advanced Controls – Advanced Access Controls Governor (AACG), Configuration Controls Governor (CCG), Preventive Controls Governor
    (PCG), Transaction Controls Governor (TCG) for Oracle’s E-Business Suite software
  • Smart ERP – SoD and sensitive access monitoring for Oracle’s PeopleSoft software

Request for Proposal / Request for Information development for the following requirements:

  • SOD / sensitive access risk monitoring and remediation
  • Industry leading  SoD / sensitive access rule set
  • Advanced audit trail development – trigger / logs
  • User and role re-certification / access reviews
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Sensitive data monitoring and protection
  • License analysis

We are partners with various industry leading software providers.  Contact us for a list of software providers for E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and PeopleSoft.

Application Security / Role Design Services for Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, or PeopleSoft

  • Upgrade security – application security and role design as part of upgrade
  • Implementation security – application security and role design as part of implementation

Managed Services for GRC software

Allow us to manage your GRC software providing the following services:

  • Rule development and upgrades – SoD and Sensitive access rules
  • CaoSys GRC administration for E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Advanced Controls Suite – AACG and CCG administration for E-Business Suite
  • Risk Management Cloud including Advanced Access Controls for ERP Cloud
  • Remote admin for GRC software that you choose.  Experienced with a variety of software for E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, and PeopleSoft.
  • Generating reports for controls testing
  • Controls testing on behalf of management
  • Generating reports and facilitating re-certification of users and roles

Pre-Implementation Services

Project Audit Services – independent of Project Management Office
  • Implementation Audit
  • Upgrade Audit
Project Quality Assurance Services – integrated with Project Management Office
  • Implementation QA Service
  • Upgrade QA Service
Security Design Services
  • Upgrade security – application security only or full security
  • Implementation security – application security only or full security

Post-Implementation Services

  • Change management process design
  • Control design review
  • Control operating effectiveness audit or review

Assessment Services – Pre- or Post-Implementation

  • Application security design review – implementation or upgrade
  • Segregation of duties design review – implementation or upgrade
  • Change management effectiveness – patch, configuration, security, development
  • Privileged user access monitoring
  • Program effectiveness review
  • Best practices assessment – compliance with Oracle’s published best practices for Securing your E-Business Suite
  • Sensitive data identification and classification

Training Services

Internal controls and security training for (CPE offered) for:

  • Internal audit
  • IT staff
  • Functional users
  • Combined teams

Find out more about our training services here.

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