ERP Armor: ERP/HCM Cloud Edition
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ERP Armor: ERP/HCM Cloud Edition

Are you willing to risk failing to secure your ERP System and not satisfy stake holders? Failure to properly design roles can lead to significant compliance, cyber security, fraud, and security risks. ERP Armor will secure your system and keep it secure!

An ERP Armor Subscription Includes:

  • External audit proven complete set of SOD/SA rules.
  • Updates to SOD/SA rules with each update by software provider (quarterly, semi, as needed)
  • Unlimited feedback on role design
  • Quarterly calls at no charge – up to 4 hours
  • Provides peace of mind for the CFO, CAO, CIO, CISO, and COO
  • We provide stability for your team.
  • Scoping rules for external audit from your RACM:
  • On-demand training for your team on this topic
  • We will work with your financial and IT auditors to ‘box out’ your external auditors.
  • Addresses fraud, compliance, cyber, data security risks
  • Unlimited feedback on licensing risk; likely reduced license costs!
  • Audit Policy configuration baselining and quarterly updates
  • Training on reporting on audit logs provided via enabled audit policies
  • Training on reporting on seeded reports useful to financial controls, cyber risk, and IT General Controls
  • Custom reports useful to financial controls, cyber risk, and IT General Controls
  • Training for admins on ERP Cloud administration and OTBI administration

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