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We have proudly released two books in the past few years. The books cover topics like common issues with Oracle Business E-Suite or foundational principles of Oracle E-Business Suite Controls. Please take a look and feel free to send us any questions or suggestions you may have by contacting us.

Auditing Oracle E-Business Suite: Common Issues

Renowned author, Jeffrey T.Hare, CPA CISA CIA, presents the most common issues from his experience implementing and auditing Oracle E-Business Suite. This book provides practical and easy to understand audit procedures supported by an Internal Controls Questionnaire and SQL scripts. The book is a must for internal and external auditors who have to audit Oracle’s E-Business Suite software.

Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Foundational Principles 2nd Edition

Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Foundational Principles is the second edition book as an expansion of Jeffrey Hare’s booked titled “Oracle E-Business Suite Controls: Application Security Best Practices” This book provides an overview of the key elements in E-Business Suite that impact security and internal controls with an expanded discussion of best practices.

Proceeds of books to benefit Rapha House

100% of the proceeds from our books sales are benefiting Rapha House. Rapha House is a Christian non-profit, whose mission is to “love, rescue, & heal children who have been rescued from trafficking & sexual exploitation.”

Book resources

Following are resources referred to in the various books ERP Risk Advisors has published:

  • Profile Option Risk Assessment Template – view file
  • High Risk Concurrent Programs – view file
  • Specification for how to default the Password Expiration Days in the User form –  view file
  • Specification for how to prevent a user from posting a journal entry that they created – view file
  • Specification for workflow approval history retention – view file
  • Specification for personalizing the Users form to allow password resets only (like for a help desk user) –  view file
  • Specification for Sys Admin View Only responsibility for internal auditors or anyone needing to see data primarily contained in the System Administrator Responsibility – view file
  • Specification for Concurrent Job Scheduler User and Responsibility – view file
  • Specification for enabling the Self-Service password reset functionality – view file
  • Primer for Internal Auditors – view file

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